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Fate of the States

Fate of the States

The New Geography of American Prosperity

One of the most respected voices on Wall Street, Meredith Whitney shot to global prominence in 2007 when her warnings of a looming crisis in the financial sector proved all too prescient. Now, in her first book, she expands upon her biggest call since the financial crisis.

"Forget everything you think you know about the direction of the American economy, about our grow­ing need for foreign oil, about the rise of the service economy and the decline of American manufacturing. The story of the next thirty years will not be a repeat of the last thirty."

Book Reviews

Meredith Whitney is Right on Target...Too often we hear criticism without solutions. Whitney tells us about the challenges we face and then offers realistic alternatives. Just like she was right on the real estate/bank fiasco, she will ultimately be correct in her vision for the challenges cities & states will face.

Fantastic, Well balanced book. Exposes the good, the bad, and the ugly of the US economic situation. Reading this book you realize that There are some bright spots, but there are certainly some dark clouds on the horizon. Great read!!! I listened to Meredith's views before the 2008 crash and took all my money out of the stock market. So glad I did. Very wise lady.

Great Book! This is a easy read, until you start finding out just how out of shape our nation's cities, counties, and states are. Great reading, but don't try to go to sleep after reading it, you won't be able to! Thank you Meredith Whitney for an excellent guide book into the mismanagement of our nations finances.